Professional Speaking

Having delivered more than 400 speeches and/or training seminars since 1994, Donna Rice Hughes has spoken extensively on the subject of Internet dangers, safety, and cybersecurity in educational, professional forums to parents, educators, media, churches, policy makers, and law enforcement in communities across the country including: keynotes at the White House, University of Houston Law School, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, the Media Institute, The Freedom Forum, Newseum,  Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of State, Federal  Food and Drug Administration, Willow Creek Church,  Second Baptist Church of Houston, The National Salvation Army, PTA National Conference, National Set Free Summit, The Call at the Rose Bowl, and The National Children’s Internet Summit. She also conducted a seminar, at the request of AG John Ashcroft, at the Department of Justice’s Federal Prosecutors’ Obscenity Symposium

Donna Rice Hughes speech at Mom's March for America Moms March Across America  -- September 23, 2017

Donna Rice Hughes, President Enough Is Enough speaks at Mom's March for America (VIDEO) -- September 23, 2017

Keynote speech at the Senate Russell Caucus Room that launched the Internet Safety Movement -- June 1995